Wednesday, March 21, 2007

good friends and good tea

I have worked most of the day, and let me tell you.... I am so sick of looking at petitions. I guess I should get use to it because the season is getting ready to kick off.

I called a friend today because I needed some have some papers notarized. I have not seen her in a while, it was ..... well life. Anyway she came over and did all of the paper's that I needed done. I put the kettle on and we had a blast drinking tea. My friend and I both share a Love of the OLD Pyrex. So it was nice to sit and talk about dishes with her.

I guess because most of our friend are guys it was nice to just sit and chat about girl things.

Tomorrow Manny and I are going to go tour some vineyards. Temecula is full of them and so we said what the heck. I should spend tomorrow working, but they will be doing work on our power lines so the power will be out most of the day anyway.

I am off to bed. My back hurts from sitting in this chair for so long.


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, have fun touring the vineyards tommorow, Hugs Lisa

springangel235 said...

Love the tea set...and the day you had...hope you have a wonderful tour of the vineyards...hugs,

deshelestraci said...

Hi, I can't remember whose journal I found you from!  I just stopped by to say hi.  I am looking for new journals to read.  

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))Sounds like you had a lovly day and thas a nice tea set.Hope you have a wodnerful day.

louiseb411 said...

Just caught up with all your news! Have a great time at the vinyard and I hope you have a restful weekend  Love Louise xx

plieck30 said...

Awww good for you. Get out and do something nice for yourself. The vineyards should be interesting. Paula

gehi6 said...

Lovely entry.  I just loved the message and the photos.   Gerry

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli,
huh? vineyard tours! pray do tell! did you enjoy the tour? I'm glad you have so many loyal friends