Monday, March 5, 2007

yes it is Monday

Well now that I have some eye candy I am awake! Everyone got up, got dressed, and they let me sleep in! I did not roll out of bed until almost 8. It was so nice to sleep in.

Now it is back to reality. What I need to do today and what I want to do today are two very different things. I want to go outside and plant some flowers, maybe get some tomato plants in, but I have so much that I must do.

I think being a mom sucks. I so want to go play, but I have to get some work done around here.

Enough pouting. I am just going to suck it up and get moving. o.k. maybe not.

Our friend Elle called us last night and she thinks that she has found her future husband. I am just so happy for her. Elle is a good person and she deserves to have good things happen to her.

Ryans birthday is this month and Rusty and I have no idea what to get him for his birthday. If we buy him another toy, he will not play with it....unless it is a match box helicopter. I think that is part of his Autism. He can only focus on one thing and he only plays with one thing.

Rusty and I are very frustrated. We do not know what to do. Do we waste money on toys that we KNOW he wont play with? We cannot give him nothing. I thought about giving him a t.v. with a built in dvd player, but that is not fair to the girls. They never got a t.v., so I do not think that he should get one. He does not need any clothes, but he would not be happy if I gave him clothes anyway. Any ideas?

I started juicing about two weeks ago and I am starting to notice that I am dropping a few pounds and toning up. I do not need to loose any weight but I do need to tone what I have. I know that my but and thighs are not suppose to meet! I use to juice all the time and I really liked it, now that I have started juicing again, and now I am adding protein powder, I notice that I feel a lot better and that I have more energy. That is what is really important to me.

Nikki is about on my last nerve. I so want to blame the new boyfriend, I know that I can't. Nikki is not keeping her eye on the mission trip. She has put forth no effort to raise more money. I think it is time for me to take some things off Nikkis plate, sothat she will have time to focus. Nikki is the child that takes on so much and right now I think she has bitten off more then she can chew. this is one of the crappy parts of being a mom. I have to crack down and re focus her.

Well I will never be able to go and play if I do not get off the computer and get busy.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))You go so much to do,I do hope you get a chance to go out and play,and I think you need to.Even if it is only for a few munties.Take time for yourself,you deserve it.I hope you can decide what to get for Rusty,if I come upp with anything,I will et you know.Have a nice day.

mrsm711 said...

What  is juicing?  Sounds like it makes you feell really good.  I'm at the same point in my life.  I don't need to lose weihgt, just tone what I have.  I just mentioned that to hubby this morning.  :)     Tracy

louiseb411 said...

How about a portable dvd player, best money we ever spent. Louise xx

magran42 said...

You know, I've been on a diet for 46 years so eye candy does me no good!.

therealslimemmy said...

i am dying to go outside and plant things here too however we still have yucky snow
hope you have a good day
love the eye candy btw, lol :)

cgtperkins said...

May I ask what is juicing?? I thought I had done every diet known, but you got me!!

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli,
youare such a great mom!
I totally support you in taking control of Nikki's scehdule and trying to make it balanced...It becomes very frustrating when teens will not do this themselves I find..

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli
ok so what about a building block small toy? there are many different kinds..and you know what? he coudl elarna  lot fomr making things...It might be agood time for him to do creative "you make it" things like helicopters and cars, but if you prefer, the younger set does the Leggo versions! and wow are they ever cool!

sunnyside46 said...

not sure which pic I like best.