Sunday, March 4, 2007

productive day

Today was actually a productive day. I got some cleaning done, spent some time with good friends, and I took a nap with Rusty!

Sam finally asked Rusty if he could take Amber to the prom, and he said yes. Amber went right out and bought her dress! She looks so stunning in it! I can't believe she is old enough to go to prom!

Nikki is back from camping and she has wind chap on her face so bad. I will have to remind her to put a lot of lotion on her face. Nikki said she had a good time, and I was glad to hear that.

Nikkis boyfriend came to the door to meet Rusty and Rusty was less then nice to him. Rusty just does not like any little boys. Rusty told me later on that the new boyfriend looks like howdy doody! I about fell off my chair.

I got a call from one of our friends in Iraq, and they are still on track to be home on Saturday! I am just so happy.

Life has been good today. We had nice weather and good friends around us. I know that I could not ask for more.


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad you had a good weekend, have a good upcoming week, Hugs Lisa

mrsm711 said...

Im so happy for Amber.  As I was opening this entry mu daughert and I were just discussing what Prom dress we will buy this week.  We chose a yellow one.  When is Prom for Amber.  OUrs is May 5.  :)     Tracy

plieck30 said...

Glad your day was nice. Mine was too. Paula

beckerb6 said...

I am so glad you had a good day.

ukgal36 said...

Nice weather and good are right..that's what it's all about..
have a great week!

am4039 said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))))Sounds like you had a good week.I hope your duaghters lip feels better soon.That is so nice of Nikkis,Sisters boyfriend,watching out for Niki.I hope you have a nice day.

lurkynat said...

Wow! i'm so psyched that AMber is going to the prom! go AMber!

helmswondermom said...

I love days that go like that.  Hope we get to see pics of Amber in her dress.