Friday, June 22, 2007

catching up time

 For the past few days, I have been e mailing back and forth with Louise. Louise lives in the U.K. and has offered to drive the 70 to London, just she can show Amber around for a night! Louise, you rock! Here is the link to her journal

As for the pictures I posted yesterday. Amber is the one covered in sand. Sam in the one covering Amber in sand and Ryan is the one playing in the ocean.

Rusty finally went to the doctors today and he has a double ear infection. I do hope that the meds kick in soon. Rusty has been so miserable for over a week now. The hard part is that Rusty can't take a lot of the over counter meds because of his heart and high blood pressure. For those of you who do know Rusty had a massive heart attack and actually flat lined twice. All of this at the age of 37.

Rusty has talking about taking some vacation time. Then house guest from hell bought a boat here in Lake Elsinore. Then Rusty tells me yesterday that his vacation time has been moved back and that actually works out well for him, since the boat will not be ready to go to Oregon until about that time.

Now wait just a minute here. I told Rusty and house guest from hell that I was not going to go drive a boat all the way up to Oregon. My idea of a vacation is not be crammed in a truck that smells like ass, just to listen to my children bitch for 16 plus hours, so that we can haul boat for someone else.

My idea of a vacation is going some place like Puerto Rico, and sipping a drink in some little town in Mexico while the sun goes down.

We will have to see when the time gets closer. I am thinking this would be a good year for separate vacations. Rusty can take Ryan and go to Oregon, and I will go do what I want to do.

Nikki will be home very late on Monday and I can't to see her and to hear all about her trip! Nikki's goal is to change the world by helping as many people as she can. I so love that about her.

Amber got another sponsor check in the mail yesterday, and she is very happy about that. Now Amber is only $24 dollars short of this months payment. I must give Amber credit for doing what ever she has to do to get the job done. I am proud of her for working toward her goals.

Well I am going to go soak in a tea bath and see if I cant get some of this stink out of my legs. I can't believe that I burned the back of my legs!


deshelestraci said...

I'm with you.  NO road trips for someone else and call it a vacation.  I still am waiting for my vacation!  And we took it last month!  

aceofhearts13 said...


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))I hope you get to go on a good vaction.Have a good wekend.

seraphoflove9001 said...

NO way would I drive someone elses boat! Not my kind of vacation...I'm with you. lol I hope Rusty feels better.

louiseb411 said...

hope you get to go on the holiday you want! Amber is doing so well with her money you must be evry proud of her. Louise xx

hsauls said...

Vinegar also helps if you have a sunburn...

lurkynat said...

Congratulations to Amber for getting her trip money in! woohoo!
ummm I don't fully get it Kelli: are you taking a house guest for aboat trip soon?
hope all is well

gehi6 said...

I ciopied the link to the gal in England so I can peruse it later.  That is so nice of her to offer to come to London and show Amber around! Wouldn't we all love to be shown the sights of London by a journalist from the U.K.  Oh, I  hope Rusty gets better soon.  His heart attack sounds very scary.  You probably get nervous every time he has a serious illness.  Was it too much stress.   I agree, that take-the-boat trip as you described it made me laugh but didn't sound like too much fun.  Gerry  

helmswondermom said...

That is so nice of Louise!!
I hope that Rusty's ear infection clears up very soon!
Way to go Amber!!!