Sunday, June 10, 2007

where corn don't grow

Where Corn Don't Grow Travis Tritt

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I was having a conversation with Dustin, one of the marine. I knew that he was straight off the farm, but that was about all I really knew about him.

Once we got to talking this song popped in to my head. "were corn don't grow". I can remember as a teenager wanting out of the corn fields. I want to be anywhere but there.

I kept listening to this song. Then my dad said " you need to listen to the end of the song, hard times will follow you". Boy, was he right.

I sat here this afternoon wondering how different my life would be if I had stayed where I grew up. Would I have ended up working in steel mill, or buying that little farm house that I use to like. Who would I have settled down with, and how different would my life be today? I guess I will never know.

Do I regret running from there as fast as I could? Sometimes. Sometimes I wish I would have stayed closer so that I could have been around more before my dad died. I do miss seeing a thunder storm roll across the sky. I really miss seeing the leaves change colors in the fall.

However if I had stayed I would not have the wonderful children that I have today. I would have never met Rusty, or done a lot of the cool things that I have done.

I have learned one thing. You can never go home. My home is here in southern California. That place in Illinois, well that is where my parents live.

I was also talking to CJ over the weekend and I said " you know you have come a long way since I first met you". CJ just looked at me and finally said " what are you talking about"

I said " CJ when I first met you, you were very uptight. You about jumped out of your skin and you spilt your beer when I grabbed your ass.  Now you are out skinny dipping" Side note.... CJ was in uniform and his ass just looked so good! Cj said " Yes I am finally staring to let go and starting to enjoy life". I was so happy to hear that!

I have a very busy week a head of me. I am going to try like hell to get some stuff done tonight so that tomorrow morning will go a little smoother.

As for some of the comments about me skinny dipping. No I do not have a perfect body, but I do not care. This is me flaws and all. I would love to go skinny dipping in the dead sea. The dead sea is on my list of things to see before I die.

OH I almost forgot. Dustin took me for a ride on his Harley and George said that I looked on the back of his bike. You know I have been told that before. I think my new accessory should be a Harley.





louiseb411 said...

Hi....skinny dipping and harleys! You have a life! I often wonder what if too! Louise xx

breakaway1968 said...

Its funny how you will pick up and start your own life away from family and be able to be happy sooner or later.  When I first left my family home ( I didn't go far maybe an hour away) I was so sad and missed them terribly...had to call my mom when I was sick and say come take care of me, and she did.  After a few years I got over that and would then run to my husband when I was sick.  But for a while you just never think you will cope with the change.  I would never be able to leave Wisconsin, I would die without the color change and the snow.  Did you miss it terribly when you first left?  Maybe I'm just strange! lol  I never could figure out how someone who was raised seeing the snow could ever leave it.  However I think I could do it for love :)  Have a great day... enjoy reading your journal.


deshelestraci said...

For some reason (*cough* aohell *cough*) I never got this alert.  Go figure!
I know all about the what ifs.  Having lived all over the US you leave a lot of people behind.  And it changes you but usually for the better.

gehi6 said...

Where did you get that motorcycle graphic to go with your entry and corn, too.  I like how you illustrate your entries.  Also you are getting more and more of an entertaining rhythm in how you describe your days, your style is emerging!  I like it. I identify with your memories of where you came from.  But seems like it is the destiny of some of us to end up a long ways from our childhood homes.   Gerry