Saturday, June 9, 2007

skinny dipping



Last night started out so calm. Kevin showed up and offered to buy Ryan and I dinner. So we went.

I got home everyone was here ready to start their weekend. I however was on a mission to finish one of those tie blankets. I was only making some small one for the pets, but I wanted to finish them. So I grabbed my stuff and went and sat on the porch swing.

George comes out and say " what are you doing mom" and sits down. Now George is not her real name. We call her George because her real name is Nikki and we have a Nikki already. So, I show her what I am doing and she starts helping me. Then she says "I can do this" So off to wal mart we went and last night she made her own rag tied quilt. George was so proud of herself and I was so proud of her. When George was almost done  she asked everyone to come tie one so that way everyone could say that they helped!

Then the night went on and somehow the conversation turned and I suggest we go down to the lake and go skinny dipping.

So we all got naked and headed out to the cars. Then it hit us. There were only two sober people. So we ended up putting one person in the trunk! That was so funny, especially sine he is on of the tallest guys here.

Then I discover that the car I driving has no radio. So I told every to start singing. Well that did not turn out how I expected since all of the drunks were singing different songs. Then they finally found one that they all knew.... amazing grace. No I thought that was wrong on so many levels. A bunch of drunks heading to the lake to go skinny dipping and they were singing amazing grace?

So we all get down to the lake and all you see is a blur of white asses heading into the lake. I did take the cameras but Rusty did not want us to take any pictures.

George was the first one to fall asleep so she got drawn on, but since she was still naked there are no pictures of that.

I just realized that I have to add skinny dipping to my list of first. I have skinny dipped before but never in our lake.

Today I am going to try to clean up a little and then who knows. We take our days as they come around here. I like it that way.

I like having a house full of people. I like having good friends. I love my life.

OH CJ and Beth were so nice and they brought me a carton of smokes! We are still working on getting the money released and we need it done soon. I have to finish paying off Nikki's trip. It is only 104 dollars, but I do not have that as any pocket change. I know that somehow, someway, it will get paid by Wednesday.





cgtperkins said...

OMG you are so crazy. I actually did that once too, but in Feburary............soooo cold!!! Have a great weekend.

hsauls said...

SKINNY DIPPING! How scandalous! I LOVE IT! That is just too awesome! I cannot even imagine skinny dipping... *laugh*
what a great thing!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))That is so funny,I could never go skinny dipping.LOL.sounds like you all had a blast.I hope you have a good weekend.

plieck30 said...

You and your friends must have perfect bodies. Good for you. My daughter made me one of those tie blankets and I just love it. Its so soft and warm in winter. Paula

acoward15 said...

I once went skinny dipping in the Dead Sea. There is no hiding in there as you float on the top.

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad you guys had fun skinny-dipping, looks like fun, Hugs Lisa

seraphoflove9001 said...

LOL....You have so much fun! :o) Love it! :o) Keep on doing it girl! :o) Never change! :o)

springangel235 said...

Sure sounded like have a great week!!!!

deshelestraci said...

Y'all have way too much fun!  I had a good laugh over picturing naked, drunk people singing Amazing Grace!  LOL

helmswondermom said...

You have WAY too much fun! lol

gehi6 said...

I did get a laugh out of a bunch of tipsy skinny dippers singing Amazing Grace. I can see that you would be one to take a dare.  I don't suppose any harm was done.  Gerry