Monday, June 11, 2007

Where are my bon bons?!

I do not know what is up with aohell. I cannot get to my e mail tonight and where have all of my comments gone? Hmmm

Anyway on to today's entry.

Last night I was just so worn out. I did not want to cook dinner or do anything. So I made Ryan something simple for dinner. Then Rusty comes into the kitchen and says that he does not feel good. He was burning up with fever.

Rusty requested something to eat, so I made it for him and then he went to lay down. I gave him some Tylenol and I kept placing cold towels on him in hopes that his fever would break. Once he got to sleep I walked through the house and turned off all of the lights and headed for a bath.

I sank into a nice bubble bath and said "o.k. Lord please show me how to stretch my last $50 to cover everything that I still need to buy". Then I went to bed.

I got up this morning had to hit the ground running. I got the kittens up and fed, got dressed and started loading up the car for the trip down to base.

Then I took a chance and called the bank and asked to speak to the branch manager. I finally got our funds released except the actually amount that the irs wants. Yes, finally I caught a break.

I called Rusty to tell him the good news and he told me to pull all of the money out of the accounts. Right..... that was not going to happen. I would be leaving the bank with a large brown bag. Now if that does not scream rob me I do not know what does! I only took out $400.

I headed down to base. I had to stop and pick up a girlfriend, she is going to adopt one of the kittens. Then we went to the shelter. I was so sad to be giving the kittens back, but I know that they are going to good home. While I was down there I volunteered to help rescue animals. Then I volunteered my friend! We are going to Thelma and Louise. We will be going into high kill shelters and getting their animals on death row.

I left base and I had to start running around getting the last of Nikkis stuff together for her trip. I now have a mental list going. Wal mart, Avon store, and the post office to mail in the last of her money. Oh shit, I forgot that Ryan had a field trip today, so I will also need to pick him up. Now I am on a short time schedule.

Nikki calls me and asks me to call her school and have someone added to her pick up list. O.K. I am a talented mom, however I can't drive, smoke, write and talk all at the same time. So I called Amber had her act like she was me and had her get all of this done for me.

O.K. I am running late. I have time to get a money order, and then go to the post office. I also managed to squeeze in some time to go to the Avon store. Then it was off to get Ryan.

Got Ryan and headed off to wal mart. Then my phone rings. It is the group leader for Nikki's trip. She sounded so stressed out. I am also frantic because I have a lot to do. I very calmly say " What can I do to make your day go smoother?" So she tells me and it was nothing major, so I was able to help her.

I finally get to wal mart and I am on a mission. I swear if one person got in my way I was going to run them over! I finally got everything and I decided to head back to fabric section to take a quick look. I bent down to look at something and I stood up I almost passed out. Oh shit! I had not eaten yet today. I make a bee line to check out and then to McDonalds for something to eat.

I have food and all of my running around done. I now have to jump on the Nikki roller coaster. Tonight is Nikki's 8th grade dinner dance. I had to hurry up and get home so I could help her do her hair, and make up, and then get dressed.

Our friend CJ was going with Nikki to the dance. Not as a date but as a chaperone. Anyway, CJ shows up and he jumps into the shower. I now have only 30 minutes to finish getting Nikki ready and to get CJ into his blues.

There was another girls at the dance that had the same dress as Nikki, but I just told her "You have a marine and that make you look better then anyone"

I somehow made that deadline. Oh crap Rusty is now on his way home from work, and I have nothing ready for dinner. Hmmm, I jumped back into the car and headed to kfc. There is nothing that screams I love like dinner from a bucket.

I cleaned up around the house a little bit and then I just ran out of steam. I to tired to upload pictures. I am to tired to care if my house is a mess. I am just tired.

Here are some side notes. Yes I forgot to take pictures of all the pet quilts I dropped off today. Amber went and bought Nikki some clothes for her trip....with her own money, and Rusty was shock that I spent $300 and did not really have much to show for it.

Good night all.


louiseb411 said...

I am going back to bed after reading that you have worn me out! Have a good day  Louise xx

plieck30 said...

I'm dizzy just reading what all you did. Paula

goodwilltramp said...

You are super mom, ya know that?  Love ya,  Elle

hsauls said...

Things have been quiet around jland... I thought it was just people being mad at me for getting married *laugh*.... maybe its just summertime? I don't know... sounds like a crazy day for you... hope today goes smoothly... when is nikki's trip?

deshelestraci said...

Oh my head!  I am exhausted reading about your day!  I have to say that I think that all of this fundraising your girls do is amazing.  I thought Nikki was older because of all of the responsibility she shows for her trip.  Must be the product of two terrific parents!
And I don't think I've ever forgotten to eat!  Shows huh?

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, I hope Rusty is feeling better by now, I love what you told Nikki about having a marine with her at the dance, Hugs Lisa

seraphoflove9001 said...

Now I need a nap! LOL :o) You are always one busy woman! :o)

cgtperkins said...

Wow, you have been a busy busy bee!! Hope Rusty is feeling better and that the dance is fun!! Have a great evening.

helmswondermom said...

I am so worn out!!  You do too much!! lol
Glad you got your money released.  And it's very, very easy to spend $300 and not seem to have much to show for it.  Hope Nikki's dance went.  Showing up with a Marine?  How could she not be the best-dressed girl there!  And that was so very sweet of Amber to buy some clothes for Nikki's trip!  You have some great kids!

mrsm711 said...

Whew!  Now thats waht I call a full day!  Poor thing.  Can you rest now?  By the way, It nover looks like you have enough to show for what we spend.  I think we could all agree to that.  :)     Tracy

magran42 said...

Seems to me your request of God was answered in a positive way! Yea!

nana0014 said...

Man you and my best friend need to talk she's got a daughter going to be a freshman in high school in August and she's about to pull all her hair out. Right now the girl is sneaking to try to see an 18yo who by the way already graduated. I told her man the next four years will only get better trust me.
Take care, Chrissie