Wednesday, June 20, 2007

some bubbles

Jake showed up sometime Monday night. I heard the door open, but the dogs did not bark, so I went back to sleep.

Tuesday morning Jake said that he had to go down to base, so I rode down with him since I had to go down there anyway.

We stopped and had lunch with Rusty. I was so hungry and I was just pigging out. The I turned to grab my drink and I saw a roach sitting on the wall next to me. I jumped up and my chair slid across floor. Rusty and Jake just looked at me. I said " look at the roach". Rusty and Jake, both put their forks down and grabbed their hats, and out the door we went. That was just so gross!

Jake and I are walking through the commissary, and this older lady looked at us and said " I see you have a sugar dad just like me" This lady spoke as if she was from the U.K. and I immediately thought about Lyn. Jake just laughed and said it is more like that he has a sugar momma, since I had all of the money.

Then we went to the package store and we could not find this certain type of whisky that Jake wanted, but I found some pink Champaign!

Jake ended up bbqing some ribs last night and I got trashed on Champaign. Man I love that stuff.

As for today, well I am not sure what I am going to do. I know I have to do the usual. I got out some material so I could make a quilt, so I might start on that today. I only have about six quilts to get done before February.

I spoke to my mom the other day and she mentioned that she and my Aunt have rented a condo for a month down in Mexico. I am thinking about going down there for a few days. I have been to Mexico before and I can take it or leave it, but I am thinking it would be a nice break for me. Of coarse I still need to find out if my sister and hell child will going, I so do not want to be there when they are there. I will need to go apply for my passport. So I have a few details to work out.

Sam and Amber got the yard done for me. The city should be by today to check and see if I cut my weeds down. Rusty said that I should go sit on the front porch and wait for them. I do not think so. We have been hitting record breaking heat, so I will not be sitting on my front porch all day!

Well I better get my body moving.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))Thank you,I was eating my lunch as you spoke of the ugly pic at the end of your journal.LOL.I hate thoes things.One time,someone lent me a tv,because mine broke and you dont wnt to know what was all in the tv and there house to.ewwwwwwwwwwww.I have never been tottlay drunk before.LOL.Always wanted to know what it felt like.LOL.Have a nice day.

louiseb411 said...

I haven't been drunk on champagne for many years but can remember it well. I wish my children would sort my garden out for me! Have a good day  Louise xx

cgtperkins said...

I like some champagne, but not many. It gives me a killer headache if I drink too much. Ewww......i would have screamed and ran probably if I saw the roach......
Stay cool and have a great day.

deshelestraci said...

Grrrr. Hate roaches.  Hate 'em.  I think you have to work hard to have them in the dry area you live in!  They love the moist areas.  
Get something done for me would you?!!!  LOL

seraphoflove9001 said...

OMG!!! I hate those things!!! They can survive a fire, a volcano uruption, name it...they're staying! Ick! What I wouldn't give for some champaign! lol :o) It's been sooo long since I've had anything to drink! Just one galss would be sooo nice! :o)~

plieck30 said...

Roachs sure can spoil your appetite, can't they. Powerful little devils. Paula

nelishianatl said...

I get tipsy easily on champaigne and was once called a ONE DRINK SALLY. lol  I simply don't drink and it shows.  

I have my own ROACH story. Last weekend when Dirk and I were in a thrift store, we opened up a purse/bag and inside it was a three of four inch cockroach, antennae and all.  He threw it down and it ran behind a counter.  Later as we were standing at the cash register, there it came down the aisle straight for me.  I screamed and the cashier got some Hispanic girl to step on it.  She only stepped on part of it's body and it went round and around for a couple of minutes before sauntering off crippled.  It was so big it cast a shadow.  


ukgal36 said...

Hi girl..that made me smile that some one made you think of me... so how was the pink bubbly?? i love those bubbles...

nay0114 said...

You should go ahead and get your passport anyway because they say it's taking a long time to get one through. I haven't gotten one either and I shouldn't wait until the last minute.
Take care, Chrissie

lurkynat said...

wow! are you really going to Mexico?
glad your friend stopped over! :) sounded like fun at lunch ..only gee those stupid bugs!