Sunday, June 26, 2005

good day

Well today I took the children hiking. We ended up at the falls and it was great! I love to be out doors and I am so glad that I have chilren that like to be out side too!

This was only the second time that Ryan had been hiking and he did awesome! I placed him between Amber and I on the hike in case he needed help. A couple of times Amber turned around to help him and he said " I can do this!"

I would like to know where the people and doctors are that said Ryan would not be doing this stuff. I have heard it all. He will never walk, or ride a bike, He will never be able to write etc..... Ryan does everything that we do. hell I think that he has gone more places and does more stuff then most children his age. So all I have to say to the peolple that put limits on his is  screw you!

I was talking woth another guy at the falls who told us about another great hiking spot where there are also fall's. so I told Rusty about them and he knows the area well because it bumps up to camp pendleton! I think we will be checking that place out in a few week.

Next weekend is fourth of July. So will be going to the majors house to finish up any last min. details before we head to death valley the following weekend. Wow the next few weeks are going to be very busy for us.

I am off to watch some t.v. and then crash.

picture #1 is amber

picture#2 is nikki

picture#3 is ryan

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