Thursday, June 30, 2005

to hot!!!

Well it is suppose to be hotter the ever this weekend. Just in time for fourth of July! I have been trying real hard not to turn the air air..... with this whole energy crises thing! I think I am going to have break down and turn it on this weekend.

I just got an e mail from a very old friend. I miss them so much. She lives in southern Il. and we are out here in Cali. I did get to see them 2 years ago when we went back there for a vacation, but it was not enough. I wish her husband was not scard to fly, because I know they would have visited by now.

Rusty had a doc. appointment at the v.a. yesterday and it was nothing but bad news. Rusty has not been able to feel left foot for a while now, so the doc. has put in for him to get an mri. Then there are the on going issues. So today he has to go get a copy of some paper work and go see his v.a. rep. Then on friday he has to go to San Diego and talk to the d.a.v. officer. Then he will have to call our congressmen and they will push the claim through the rating board. The joy's of being a vet!

Ryan just did awsome on his math! I really wish that his teachers would have pushed him to do more and would have him to a higher standard. Instead the school was worried about making him feel good and thet worried less about making sure that he could read and add! Yes, I know that Ryan has issues, but if I can teach Ryan, then a "teacher" should have been able to do a better job then I have. When I started homeschooling him last year he could not even write his name, read or do basic math. Now he is writing, doing 2nd. grade math and is reading at a 2nd grade level. He should be in fourth grade, so we still have a lot of work to make up, but at least now he moving in the right direction.

I think I am going to take the children down to the lake today. We have not been there all week, so at least it will keep us cool.

I saw a clip on the news last night about the king tut stuff that is coming to l.a. I told Rusty that I really want to see it. I did not get to see it the last time it was here, so I really want to take the children to see it. This will be the last time it will be in l.a.! I think this is something that the children will never forget.

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