Tuesday, June 21, 2005

a great way to start!

It was so nice to be able to sleep in. I was able to get up whn I was done sleeping not when the alarm clock went off!

Then I was listening to my messages and I found out that our bis. is # 14 in on line sales and number 3 as far as vitamins and make up go! I was so happy to hear that!

Then I was schooling our son and I started math where he was going to have to do some carring. To my great shock he got it after the second problem! I should call the captin and let him know!

Last week this captin we know took Ryan out to fly in the simulator. Well I asked how much math he uses and he told Ryan to get really at math if he want's to fly! So Ryan has been trying very hard.

I took 6 children down to the lake yesterday we all had a good time. So today I think we are going to head back to the lake. It is nice to just get out of the house.

Well I am off to do some cleaning before we go to the lake.


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