Sunday, June 26, 2005

long night

I had just gone to bed and was ready to fall asleep when my cell phone rings. Who in the hell is calling me at midnight! It was Ambers old boyfriend's mother! It seem that the old boyfriend and the mother had a fight and he walked out. While walking out he told a friend that he was going to go see Amber. So now I am up. I told this kid that if he ever came over here that we would call the cops on him. I told the kids mother this too. Well we ended up sitting up for a few hours, but this kid never showed up. Good for him.

Rusty just left for the store to get some stuff to make a big breakfast! I need one! Later on this afternoon/ early evening Elli and some of her friend are coming up. So we are going to hike out to the falls and then bbq. I am looking foward to seeing the big falls. I will have to take pictures.

I have made a choice on what to do with the bathtub. I am on the look out for an old bear claw bath tub. I want to now totally gut the childrens bathrrom. I want to get an old bear claw tub to put in that bath room! My budget is around $1,000 so I am looking like hell for a free one! I want new wood floors put in. A new sink area, the bear claw tub and new lighting. I can do this! I cant wait to start tearing this crap out of the bathroom! But I must wait until I have stuff to replace it with. I dont think the children would find it funny if I turned the hose on and told them to shower with it.


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