Monday, June 20, 2005

not to much going on

Well I ended up doing nothing on Saturday except going to see the girls dance. They had their final dance for th year and they both did awesome. The new dance season starts in less then a month and I am not sure if I am happy or not, Dance is very expensive and very time consuming.

Sunday was fathers day and the children gave rusty all of his fathers day gifts. I called my dad. He is not doing to good and I am scared to death to find out what is wrong with him now. My dad has been sick for a very long time, so nothing will shock me, but I still dont want to know.

Today I am going to help Ryan with his school work and do some house work and that is about all I have planned for today. It is suppose to start warming up, so we will be going to the lake a lot more.

A few years ago I had a gray long haired cat, but he ran away. So I told my husband that I wanted another cat. He said that I could get one if I could find another long haired gray. So off to the pound I went. Panther is a big boy and sometimes likes to be loved on, but since the other two cas he has ben pissed at me. Last night panther startd crying, so I called his name. He came into the bedroom and wanted to be loved on! I was so shocked. He let me love on him for a good 45 min. and then this morning he kicked the other cats off the bed and wanted more loving. Cat'e are very strange creatures.

Well I need to get up and go take a shower.

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