Saturday, June 25, 2005

just talking

Last night our oldst adopted daughter (elli) brought some friends up. So they all drank and we watched a movie. I remember the first time that I ever met Elli. It was Thanksgiving and one of our other friends had called to ask if she could join us for thanksgiving dinner. She was only 18 then and now she is 21. Elli has become such a good friend and we sure are going to miss her when she moves back to Alaska, but Elli has made a very wise choice. Last month when she went home she bought a condo! WOW she shocked us with that one. She said why pay rent when I can pay my own house payment. Smart thinking! She is even renting it out while she is still stationd in cali! She made a very good choice there. I have started gathering stuff for her new house, and one of these weekend we are going to go yard saling to furnish her new place. Heck the government will pay to move all of her stuff, so why not! Lol I do need to get busy and start looking for some material to make her a big quilt.

It is so strange how you meet people and how some people become closer then then your own family. That is the way it is for us. Rusty's dad died a few years ago and his mom lives about 2 hours away. My dad is not doing good and I dont expect him to be around that much longer. I do not really have a conversation's with my mom and I have not spoken with with my sister in over 2 years. So our family is what we make of it. We have been blessed with a lot of good friends.

Today I have to take Nikki to a birthday party and then she is going to catch a ride to another friends house to go to a sleep over. Amber spent the night at a friend house and then she is going to that gals party. Then I have to pick here up and drop her off at anothers person house for yet another party. This is sounding like I will have a nice calm evening!

Rusty went to help a friend put a roof on his house today. There are suppose to be a lot of guys showing up today, So I did not go. I want to help roof the house because that is something that I have never done before. I love to learn new things and to really get in there and help get a job done.

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