Tuesday, June 14, 2005

keeping busy

The last few days have been very busy here. Sunday we went over to a friends house, just to drop something off and we ended up staying and cooking out. It was a blast to just sit down and talk to old friends again. we had not seen Curt and Lisa in all most a year, and it was so great to see them.

We are going through the house and getting rid of stuff. One of the items that got rid of was a pre wwII officers war desk. I did not want to just give it to the goodwill so I called Curt who just happens to be an officer in the marine corp. Curt about fell over with excietment! I am glad we were able to make his day. It was a great feeling to do something nice for someone else.

When we got home fro urt and Lisa's house another friend called me to tell me that yet another friend son was held up in their house, and that the swat eam was outside. So I went around the corner to see what the hell was going on. even to this day I am not sure of all the details as to what happened. What I do know is that our friend was scared to death that the police were going to shoot her son. I have no idea what it must be like to be that scared. What I do know is that I hope I never have the type of pain thatI saw in her eyes.

Sometime today I am going to go over to our friends house and just ask her if she needs anything. I am not sure what to say, but maybe a hug will help.

Yesterday I mentioned to my husband that I thought we had enough wood to do the floor in our bathroom. We had been buying some wood when ever we had some extra money and were hoping to do the kitchen, but instead the wood was warping in the garage! So we got down the boxes and sure enough there was enough wood to do our bathroom and the entry way to our house. That pergo is so easy to use and it looks really nice. One wekend when the girls are gone we are going to do the childrens bathroom. I know that it will look so awesome in there!

School will be out this week for our middle daughter and I cannot wait. Nikki has had an awsome year. She ws on the student bod government, a dance team, and she managed to keep her grades up. Nikki did awesome this year.However I will be glad when it is all over so that she can get some sleep.

Two years ago we went to death valley with curt and Lisa. Curt runs in the bad water. why anyone would run in death valley is beyond me! LOL Then last year Curt was in Iraq so he was unable to run in badwater. so he ran around his camp instead. We told Curt last year we would supply all of his gatorade this year. It is going to be an awesome trip for us! This year we are going to go camp there because all of the rooms are booked! camping in death valley in 130 degree heat...... hey I am game. If my husband had to live in those conditions then I guess I can last a week in those conditions.

So anyway we are going to take our own energy drinks and our own "gatorade" from our biz. afeter all we are the cream of the crop when it comes to sports products!

We got the news yesterday that our buisness will be going international! I am so happy. So now we have to go apply for passports! Life is rough..... sit on the beaches of acapulco mexico, and then work at night, and still write the whole thing off! I cant wait.


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