Friday, June 17, 2005

its early.....just thinking!

My gosh it is early! I woke up because I did not hear my daughter come in. Amber ( our oldest) went over to a friend house and we went to bed before she got home. Then for some reason I woke up thinking that I did not hear her come in. Well she is in bed and I am up.

Yesterday was great. I got to talk to my parents and they are doing good. My father opened up his father day's and birthday gifts already! what am I going to do with him? His birthday is not until the 19th! LOL I asked my dad what time of the day I was born and he said well here let me have you ask your mother, I was in jail that night! My gosh I am from a red neck family. I guess I should feel a little better about myself because at least I know who my dad is..... my sister does not!

My father did say that Ryan's handwriting is getting so much better. People are starting to nothice the difference in him. About this time last year we switched from meds that the doctor was giving him to all natural "meds" and the are working.We use to use words like handicap, noonans, and adhd now we are using words like doc.'s could not figure it out but we did! Ryan is now only about a year behind in school and catching up fast!


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