Tuesday, June 28, 2005

putting a smile on a friends face

So I have this friend who is the cmc on the hospial at pendleton. Now she tells me that this is a very good job, but she laughs when she talks about it! She is suppose to come across as a hard ass.... but she is not. From what I am told she can chew ass very well, but I just cannot picture it. Antway about 3 months ago she asked me if I would take one of her cat's. Cleo is 15 years old and the pound told Wendy that because she is old they would just put her to sleep " because everyone wants kittens". Then she called another animal rescue group and they said that they would take her only if she had been abused. So when Wendy asked me to take Cleo I said o.k. Wendy was heart broken, but with this new job she just does not have time to care for her pets, and she has another deployment to Iraq coming up.

This morning I just had a gut feeling that I should send her some pictures. So I called her sc. and asked her if she would help me pull a fast on Wendy. I sent this gal a bunch of pictures of mis cleo, and she is going print them off for me. Then when Wendy is having a bad day she is going to slip the pictures onto her desk. I hope it makes Wendy's day. I know that she is going to "mad" at me for pulling a fast on her!

I love doing little things like that for my friend's. When life get's me down I really try to do something for someone else. One day I was running the children all afternoon and it was so hot here! I kept seeing this one cop sitting at this building just writing ticket's. ( it must have sucked to be those people) So I am hot and worn out, but I run inside and grab an energy drink. I go back to where the officer is and I get her attention before I get to the car. I said " I have been running my children all afternoon and it is so hot, so I know you must be hot. I just wanted to give you something cold to drink." Then I handed her the energy drink. This cop was in shock! Then she started to laugh. She knows all about xs and the flavor I gave her was her favorite flavore! We had to laugh at fate would bring us together. I went home and just felt good about myself.


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