Monday, June 27, 2005

slow day

Nothing really happened today. I did some laundry, and some cleaning. Now that is just thrilling! LOL

I did finish a puzzle that I was working on. I was going to glue it together and have it framed, but I ended up putting it under the glass on our dinning room table. It makes the table look nicer at least.

Everyone says that we have very nice furniture. My in laws had it hand carved in the middle ast. It is all rosewood with gold  detailing. I hate it. The reason I hate it is because I did not pick it out. Now let me explain. When I got marroed we had furniture that we could affoerd and that was useful for children. That was fine by me. I had this foolish idea that when we could afford better WE would go buy it. I actually thought that we would go and pick out the furniture and that we would decorate our home together. Instead I am stuck with a house of ugly furniture. Two out of three drawers on my dresser only open a few monthes out of the year. Tis other thing I have is the same way. Only one door on the china hutch opens because like all the other drawers it is swelled shut never to be opened again. Then there is the dinning room table. Dad told me that he was going to leave it to me when he died and I told him then that I did not want it. This table is ovel and has glass over it. well that is a pain in the ass to clean. So I do not allow the children to eat at the table because I am to lazy to clean it three times a day. Then the glass does not fit right so we had mold growing on the table! I hate this furniture. I really want to decorate my house the with furnoiture that we picked out. Instead I am stuck with a house full of furniture that I HATE. I guess I can add this to my broken dream list!

So now I am working on another puzzle. I think it is mising a few pieces, but for fifty cent who can complain. so since dinner is done I am going to go work on the puzzle.


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