Monday, May 8, 2006

free bed


So I posted on craigs list today that I had a free king size water bed. Man some people are so stupid! People e mailed me questions like  " do you have sheets for the bed? are you sure you want to get rid of it?" I swear some people just.......

O.K. I am in my happy place now.

Ambers dance teacher is on my last nerve and I am so ready to just smack her. Amber comes home today and tells me that she has practice on her birthday and the rest of the weekend! I told no she does not! I am not paying all of that money to fly my parents out here just she can spend the whole weekend at school.

This is Ambers last and only chance to see her grandfather before he dies and she is just going to have to move on with out my child.

I got some work done in the yard and Rusty got some of the sprinkles replaced. So the yard is starting to look good.

I am going to take the bird cage that I bought last summer and plant some vine that smells real good in it. I know by next summer the plant will be so big and smell so good!

I am have some running around to do, so I will chat with everyone later.

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