Thursday, May 11, 2006

I can stand!

I just spent a day 1/2 in bed because I had food poisoning! I will never eat at Jack in the box again. The cramping was so bad that I could not even stand up! Food poisoning hurts.

I feel much better today, well that was until I saw the condition of the house. Man the house is trashed! It will take me a week to clean what took them a day to trash.

I hope no one else ever gets food poisoning!


debbiewebb4465 said...

Oh mate food poisoning is awful!! Poor you, I'm hoping you feel much better now, sending hugs your way :-) Don't worry about the house, get well first!!
love Debbie ~xxx~

jules19642001 said...

sorry to hear about your food poisoning, hope you feel better soon. Whats a jack in the box?..........Jules xxx

rtgilmore34 said...

OMG!!!  My sister got E. Coli from the Jack in the Box here in Palmdale back in 1985.  They infected like 30 people.  She almost died!!!  The place is still open for business in the same location all these years later!  To our British friends that commented before me, Jack in the Box is a fast-food joint similar to McDonald's that's been around forever, a huge chain across the western half of the United States.  It's crap, but I would eat there if I was every starving to death!  LOL!  I know that's the case with you too, ha Kelli?  Cause you're a veggie-saurus, right?  I didn't recall that you ever cared for meat.  I hope ya feels better soon!
Love ya!

zoepaul6968 said...

Oh hun Ive had food poisoning before,its awful,I do sympathise,mine was due to bad eggs,literally lol,I still cant eat eggs and that was 6 years ago.Thanx for visiting my blog,hope to see you soon luv zoe xx.