Tuesday, May 30, 2006

parents arrive tomorrow

  Well my parents will be here tomorrow! I am not sure if I am excited or scared.

I am excited that they are coming and I am looking forward to seeing them. I am looking forward to talking with them and just sitting down with them.

I am scared because I have never been able to do anything right. Yes, I was the fuck up child! So, I don't know what they will think of my new life.

Once I left home I never looked back. I knew that I was the biggest fuck up from the men I chose to having children at 19.

Now I have a wonderful husband, a home, 2 cars, a truck, and a life that I would not want to change. I wonder if they will find something to look down on.

I am also scared because I know that this will most likely be the last time I will see my father alive.

Anyway, I think I am ready for them to come in. I got most of the house cleaned, my dads oxygen will be here today, and Rusty is out getting the wheel chair.

My parents are coming in for Amber's 16th birthday. I still can't believe that Amber is going to 16. For the most part Amber is great child. Maybe I did something right after all. LOL

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jgalarza879 said...

Hope the visit goes by nicely..;)

Thanks for the link and have a great Thursday!!:):)