Thursday, May 4, 2006

not much

Well there has not been to much going on here. I must say that it has been nice not to have any new drama.

I have been working on getting the flowers and vegi's planted. I am so glad that this year I can finally have a semi nice back yard! All of the flowers that I am planting are native to California, so they will handle the drought and heat well. Best of all they will be here next year! I am also planting corn, pumpkins, raspberry, and blackberries! Yum!!!!

I have a red velvet cake in the oven. I am taking it into work for one of the girls at work. It smells so good!

I am going to go put away the stacks of laundry that just can't seem to put themselves away!



rtgilmore34 said...

plant a mango tree!!!
Love ya,

jules19642001 said...

what is a red velvet cake?..............Jules xx