Tuesday, May 23, 2006

one less thing

Well, I am just so happy right now! I found someone to go cut my parents grass. I know that sounds like a little thing, but that is one less thing on my mind right now.

The people who live across the street from parents are going to start mowing the lawn for me. I offered to pay them, but they would not hear of it. I am so happy that my mom will have one less thing to worry about.

Today I had to go clean the children's bathroom. It was so gross! I got so sick of seeing all of the girls stuff everywhere that I started throwing away stuff! I could not believe how much crap they had collected in the bathroom! LOL I must say that it feel awesome to really CLEAN stuff out. The next room to get a good going through will be Ryan's.

I am not up to much else today. I like having these slow day's with not to much to do.

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