Thursday, May 18, 2006

one step closer

The girls are going to get their passports today! I am just so excited for them! They are one step closer to Nicaragua!

I told Rusty last night that I am almost jealous of the girls. They are going to doing more then I ever got to do as a child! Then he reminded me that I DID get to travel through Europe and see countries that do not even exist any more. O.k. he won that argument.

Last night we moved all of the furniture out of our living room, since the new sofa should be here today. ( new to us... some friends are giving us theirs) Anyway, Rusty was complaining that we paid $400 for the sofa's 7 years ago, and that there is nothing wrong with them. Once we got them to the curb he took a good look at them and changed his mind. There were no threads left on this sofa and we had to keep them covered! Now that the new sofa is coming he is happy.

I think that I live with a family of pigs! When we moved the sofa's we found so much trash! Am I the only mom that is scared to see what is under the sofa? Does everyone else vacuum under their sofa everyday?

OH! So last night there was a knock at the door and some guy asked us if we were giving away the sofa's! He said that they had no furniture so they would be happy to take our sofa's. Rusty told him to take them. I think that Rusty was happy to help someone else out.

I will chat with everyone later!

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