Friday, May 26, 2006

slow day

So Rusty asked me this morning if I was going to make him breakfast. I just laughed and opened the pizza box! Rusty did not see the humor, but he did eat the left over pizza!

There is nothing that I want to do today. I just cannot find the energy to do anything. So here I sit.

This weekend is Memorial day weekend and we are going to be very busy. Nikki is at the river with some friends so she will not be back until Monday. Amber and I are going to go work the church yard sale, and Rusty....well he just going to be busy. He will be going out to the cemetery to place flowers on graves and then he will be there for the service. Rusty will also be working the bike rally.

Some how I got drafted into carrying the marine corps flag. HMMM me on the back of a Harley Davidson carrying a flag. LOL Yes that is right I get to be the skinny chick on the back of a bike, and the guy driving the bike will most likely be fat! My girl friend said that she wants a picture of this. I guess I will be the trophy skinny chick.

Rusty finally took Ryan to get his hair cut. I guess he did not the mow hawk that I gave Ryan the last time I cut his hair.

I still have not spoken to my parents, and right now that lack of stress is good.

I am going to go start sorting stuff for the yard sale.

For all of my U.K. readers here is a link as to what Memorial Day is.

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zoepaul6968 said...

Good grief hun,we really need those photos of you on that bike lol,I cant wait,it should be fun,I hope all is well for you,and our thoughts are with our American friends and families on memorial day.xxzoexx.