Wednesday, May 17, 2006


There is a reason that I live in southern California. It is called sun and heat! My husband tells me that I must have been born on the sun since I have this love affair with heat!

I made a huge mistake yesterday. I was out working in the garden and I did not put on any sunscreen so no my back is burnt. So today I will wear a shirt while I am outside working. LOL

I am going up to Nikki's school today to help set up for something. ( I am not sure what we are setting up for) I was told however that I will be micro managing a bunch of 7th graders, since they are the ones who are suppose to be doing the work.

Yesterday Rusty and I took the bottom off this bird cage. So today I am going to get it sunk into the ground and plant some vining Jasmine in it. I know that it will smell great next year.

Our new sofa comes tomorrow! Well o.k. it is new to us and in much better shape then ours! So tonight we have to move our old furniture out. I am scared to see what is under the furniture!

I hope everyone has a great day!

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