Saturday, March 18, 2006

busy day

While I would love to be soaking in a nice bubble bath and just relaxing, I am instead running children all around.

This Morning Ryan had his first baseball game of the spring season. I am so happy that we have the challenged league! All of the children have some type of disability, so they are all equal.

Then Nikki had to be up at the church early so that she could help set up for the spaghetti dinner/ fundraiser they are having tonight.

I will have to run Amber up there in a little while so that she can help do some other stuff. Then we are off to go have dinner.

I am so glad that the youth group is doing a lot of fundraiser to help pay for this trip!

Anyway I need to get moving and get some stuff done around here before we have to go have dinner.

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goodwilltramp said...

I would love to help you guys out for this there anything you think I could try to get people to funraise you guys for in specific ...or something?   Kelli, you know what I mean.....let me know...       LOve Elle