Sunday, March 5, 2006

slow day

  So this lady calls me yesterday and introduces herself. I am half listening....member of the elks and the v.f.w........ Would you be interested in helping us make some quilts for some veterans. My first answer was sure I will make a few quilts. Then she tells me that they have to be an exact size, have a specific edge and a cretin batting and that I should use clear thread. Oh by the way, you will not get credit for making the quilts, instead all of the ladies at the v.f.w. will get credit for it!

O.K. first of all, if you ask me to make a quilt that is fine, but come on! You want me to use a certain type of thread? And you want me to do all of the work and let everyone else take the credit for it? I think not!

I told Rusty that I would rather make the quilts and deliver them myself.

The girls will be back from camp at some point today. I really hope they had a good time.

There is not to much else going on today. I do have to work this afternoon, so I am going to do as little as possible before then.

I hope that everyone has a great day!

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rtgilmore34 said...

What did I tell you about the VFW?  They are all ASSHOLES!!  I could be a member because my dad served during the Vietnam conflict, but I refuse.  
---Love ya,