Saturday, March 25, 2006

no book

Well I did try to read a book yesterday! I just had to much energy for that! So instead I watered the grass real good and pulled weeds in the flower beds. I will be planting new flowers soon and I cant wait to get started on that!

Last night we went and watched Amber danced. She did awesome. I am glad that she has found something to do!

Ryan has a game this morning. I love watching the little guys play ball. They play with so much heart and they are just out there having a good time.

We are suppose to have some friends over for dinner tonight. The last time I spoke with them, they had same nasty cold at their house. So I really hope that they do still come over.

Today I am going to watch Ryan's game and try to do some stuff around here. If the weather is nice I know that the sunshine will drag me outside! Maybe the sun shine will drag me to the store to start buying some flowers. LOL

I hope everyone has an  awesome day!

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jules19642001 said...

you sound the same with your kids as I was with mine when they were little, they wera always doing something like dancing or swimming or cubs or brownies. I love seeing kids enjoy them selves.  Dancing is a lovely hobby and so are ball games ...............Jules xxx