Thursday, March 16, 2006

just working

Here is wishing everyone the luck of the Irish! I must say that now would be a good time to be in Chicago. Chicago does a big party every year. They even turn the river green for a day! LOL

Well, I so totally goofed. I was suppose to donate a baby basket for a silent auction. I was thinking that I had a few weeks, but I was wrong....I have two days! So I am so glad that I got the quilt done at least. I am going to run out today and get some more stuff.

My hours at work have been extended so I am now working 12 -14 hour days. It is not so bad, except that it really cuts into my day. I would rather work longer hours at night.

Well I got the dogs moved and they were just so pretty! I need to start bringing a camera so that I can take pictures of all of these animals. I am just so glad that they don't all live here! Rascle and butter keep my busy most days.

I will chat with everyone later.

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jules19642001 said...

cor, fancy turning the river green for the day, that is really cool. Hope you had a brill st paddys day............Jules xx