Thursday, March 23, 2006

still sick

My cold is still hanging on. I am going to beat this cold! I refuse to be sick. lol

Rusty is meeting with Ambers teachers this morning. I am telling everyone now that if you have a child going to school in California beware! The system sucks the older the children get. The high school exit exam is set at an 8th grade level and most of the children in high school can not pass it.

Tomorrow I am going to go shopping and start getting ready for the extra children. I do not usually have a lot of snack food, but I am going to stock up on it!

I am just so thrilled that our friend trust us enough to leave their children here and that we can spoil them and then send them home.

I have to work today so I should go finish getting ready and do some stuff around here.

I hope everyone has a great day!


rtgilmore34 said...

I hope you're all feeling better soon.  The flu has been in our house for several days now.  My entire operating system crashed this weekend.  I'm up and running.  My computer is so new it's still under warranty though.  All is well, except that I lost a lot of my pictures.  If I ever emailed you any pictures, please email some back to me.  Plus, some pictures of you and yours.
Love ya,

jules19642001 said...

hope you feel better soon :)..............Jules xx