Thursday, March 2, 2006

what I want

What I want to do is sit here and bitch about being stuck at home all weekend. Friday night the girls leave for winter camp, and Rusty has to host a dinner for some scholarship winners. I would like to go with Rusty, but then there will be no one here to keep Ryan. So I will be stuck at home on a Friday night.

Saturday Rusty is going to be gone all day, so once again it will be just Ryan and I.

No more bitching! I think I am going to take this opportunity to get some sewing done. I need to get Butter a neck scarf made, and then I am going to work on some baby quilts. I am determined to take this time and make it productive.


I have a care package ready to mail to Kevin. This will be the first one, so now the count down has begun. Kevin only has 11 more months to go!

Well I need to get busy and get some things done around here before I leave for work.

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goodwilltramp said...

Aww, optimistic.       Tell Kevin that I miss him bunches.... and could you find out when he's coming back?