Monday, March 13, 2006

some people

Well I had to work last night. We usually get a good mix of people that come in, but last night just pissed me off! This new gal comes into the office and she brings her husband and baby with her. Well five hours latter the baby is very upset. So when I got my dinner I went out to find the parents. I was going to offer the baby some French fries, and another lady I worked with was also going to give this little some food. Anyway I go out there and the mother is in the office with our boss, and the dad is outside smoking ! They just left this 1 year old in a room full of strangers! So I go to pick him up and he is just soaked! I take him back into our office and fed this little guy some dinner. This little guy was so dirty that it was gross! He actually had fuzz stuck to his face! so we got him cleaned up. Then when he was done eating I went back out and his dad was still outside! So I grabbed a diaper, some wipes and the powder, and asked his dad to come in. I handed him everything and told him that his son needs to have his diaper changed. The dad goes and changes the diaper and then say to me. "unless he can pee from the chest down it was just water!" I said " well I few YOUR son dinner, got him cleaned up and I felt his diaper. It needed to be changed no matter what was in it" I am telling you if I see these parents in public I am going to kick the shit out of them!

Petitions are really picking up, so I am going to hit it hard for the next few weeks. I am hoping to make enough to put the girls over the top, and put some away for the bathroom.

So anyway, there is not much going on here so I am going to get started on my day.

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jules19642001 said...

I hate seeing little ones neglected, some parents just don't care :(, it was  good of you to sort him out though, I probably would have done the same.............Jules xx