Wednesday, March 15, 2006

moving dogs

I can't believe that I actually up and moving this early. Today I am going to move 2 dogs. Some breeder just dumped them at the pound so I am going to go take them to their new foster mom. I am just glad that I can still help in some small way.

I have to take the dogs down near Base, and I wanted Rusty to go with me, but we could not find anyone to keep Ryan. We really need to get Ryan a few more birthday gifts but we are just having a hard time finding anything that he might actually like.

The only thing Ryan plays with are his jets. Ryan has a computer, a game boy and a host of other high tech toys, but all he wants are jets!

I often hear about autistic children focusing one thing, and for Ryan it is jets. Ryan says that he is going to grow up and fly jets, and Rusty and I just bite our lips.

Anyway, we were able to find some jets that he did not have and I sewed up a blanket with jets on it, so now we are just need to get him something from the girls.

Well I better get moving if I want to get the shelter on time.

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jules19642001 said...

I love the graphic with the dogs and the snow falling. I almost forgot it was ST Patricks day till I saw the graphic at the end of your journal................Jules xxx