Sunday, March 19, 2006

so blessed

I am just so glad that went to the spaghetti dinner fund raiser!

We spent the evening meeting some awesome people and meeting the other children that are going on this mission trip.

These children are so awesome. They did an awesome job last night as well.

As I was sitting there listening to a Jazz group play a few songs, I thought " man what a talented group of young people! These are the kind of people I want my children hanging out with" Then it hit me.... these are the type of people that the girls are hanging out with.

I will never again complain about running them around or about spending so much time with the youth group. At least the girls are hanging out with people who have character, and they are not in a gang running the streets. For that I am truly blessed!

I have no idea what I am doing up so early. I got to bed late last night, and I know that I will be working late to night. Oh well.

I am going to go work on knitting another scarf.

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jules19642001 said...

it is nice knowing your kids are hanging around with lovely people, its a weight off your mind :) ........Jules xx