Thursday, January 11, 2007

brrrr its cold

I am just so cold! For some reason I cannot warm up at all. Maybe I should go start a fire, but then again the fire place is not in the same room I am. BRRRR

My husband does collect disability from the veterans administration and until about 4 months ago he was classified as 100% disabled. Then they reviewed his case and knocked him down to 90% which cut his disablity check by 50%! The veterans administration has a lot of issues. One of them being that it seems everyone wants to cut their spending. Which a real shame since we are now being flooded with disabled veterans and they are younger then ever. O.K. I will get off my soap box now.

I dug out this cookbook that has a lot of really old recipes and I found one for mac and cheese. I am going to give it a try tonight. I also a recipe for homemade ice cream that does not require any fancy equipment. I will have to give it a try.

I need to go to wal crap and get some stuff but I am just to cold to leave the house! I have been craving fresh orange juice, so I think I am going to go see how much a juicer is. Man fresh o.j. sounds good right now.

I really have nothing planned for today. I am thinking that I should just chill. Maybe work on a puzzle or just curl up and do some knitting. The house is so still and I love it. No one is calling or stopping by, so I can stay locked up in here! I am such a house rat most days.

Amber asked me for advice last night! I was so shocked. One of Ambers friend is being a "mean girl". This chick is 16 and is dating a 21 year old, but was leading another guy on and is now talking shit about Amber because Amber will not help her get either guy back! I told Amber that it would be best to just left this friendship go, and that this chick does not seem like such a good friend. Teenage drama.

I have not spoken to my mother since she left here and I have been thinking about that a lot lately. I am not sure what to say to her, so I have not called. I do not want to say something really mean just because I am still pissed off. I guess I should wait to call her then or wait and see if she ever calls me.

The department of Justice came into Rustys work yesterday and busted him for NOT having a weapon on him! LOL We thought that he only had to wear a weapon when he was transporting weapon and ammo. I guess we were wrong. So today he had to load up and leave the house looking like the lone ranger. I swear this is the perfect job for him!

Oh well, I am going to go do something productive today, I am just not sure what! LOL


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, stay warm, macaroni and cheese sounds great !!!!!!!!!! I could go for some myself, Hugs Lisa

lurkynat said...

Hi Kelli!
I'm really sorry that they cut down Randy's dissability check! that is just mean!
Umm is there any way you can get a same heater or something to help out?
I hope it warms up there for you soon!
Yeah I think mean girls should be left alone!Done !
hugs and Happy Weekend,
Best Reguards,

magran42 said...

Hot co-co always warms my innards!

mrsm711 said...

There goes our wonderful government again. Politics!  ARGH!  I love your graphics.  :)     Tracy

helmswondermom said...

If your mac and cheese turns out well, share the recipe, please?  You know, craving o/j and feeling cold -- I wonder if you're coming down with something?  Hope not!  I never crave or want orange juice unless I'm sick.

gehi6 said...

Hey, that is the funniest pic I have seen on global warming.  Sounds cold where you are.  This is when Arizona Phoenix winter weather feels so good.  Just right.  In fact down right divine.  I left Doc watching a documentary he got at the library on the real Iraq.  He thinks we should get out of there, too, and should have been more sure of what was going on before starting a war for sure.  I think you have stated your views very well. I have been reading these heart breaking stories on injuries suffered in Iraq.  That's another great toll of war not always figured into the cost before hand.  Gerry