Wednesday, January 17, 2007

what to do

I have a lot that I should be doing today, But I just cannot find the motivation to do any of it. So I think I will just here and drink another cup of coffee.

Yesterday Nikki and I got out into the garage and started pricing the big items for the yard sale. I really hope that her yard sale does well, so that she will get a little taste of success, and really get out there and start fund raising. What I have not told Nikki is that someone we know is going to give her close to $1000 for the trip! That means she only needs to raise about $800 more. I know that she can do it!

I just so dred getting up and setting up for a yard sale when it has been so cold first thing in the mornings. BRRRR......

Ryans teacher and I are about to bump heads. I keep insisting that Ryan should memorize all of his basic math facts and she says that he does not need to do that " because he can use tally marks to figure everything out". So last night Ryan brings home math with regrouping and he cannot figure it out because he can't remember what tally marks he made for what problem. However if I just look at him and say Ryan what is 10 + 4 he can tell me. Then I will ask him then what is up with all of these marks? he will say well that is what my teacher wants me to do.

Maybe I am to old. I am all of 36, but when I went to school all of those math facts were drilled into our heads. Then again I also had a teacher that would walk up and brain dust and tell us to get back to work. Maybe it is another sign of the times.

I was just looking through some of the papers that Ryan brought home and I am trying to get a hold of the lady in charge of the running club at Ryans school. O.K. I just got a hold of the lady who is in charge of the running club. I am going to let Ryan have a go at running track. I think he will really enjoy it!

I so wish that there was more for special ed children to do. We use to have a baseball league for special ed children, but that fizzled out. So I am hoping that running track will give him something else to do and a way to be like other children. I guess all we can do is wait and see.

Well now I am in a good mood. I am so hopeful that this will work out for Ryan. I so want him to find something that he enjoys and something that he is good at.

Well, I guess I better get into a shower and start my day. Oh Rusty said that I could go get my nails done, so I am thinking about getting them done today. we will see.....


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, good luck at your garage sale, wish I could come by and shop, have a good Wednesday, Hugs Lisa

seraphoflove9001 said...

I totally agree with you on the math....because thats how we did it with my daughter. And it worked. I don't know how many times I had to "regrade" her papers that she brought home! I would then take then back myself and show the teacher what I would find on all of the work that she missed graded, and she acted like it was nothing! :o( This was in 3rd grade! I told her that those miss grades better not go against her grades. I talked to the princeple and everyone I could to let them all know what this "teacher" was not doing. So, at home we would basically teach her our selves what she was missing at school. I do hope that Ryan can be able to do what you want him to do. :o)

amyrangei said...

You've got to wonder these days where they get some of these teachers.  Several times my kids have brought home work that was marked incorrect when in fact it is correct!!!  All my daughter's math teacher does is hand out the work and say do it, no teaching, nothing.  When she gets home I teach her what he is supposed to.  I alos notice that we get some newsletters from her school and there are misspelled words, it drives me crazy!!!


lurkynat said...

Dearest Kelli
what an amusing entry! Solid!
Kelli let me know which Math class Ryan is in. Good luck with the garage sale!
Ok so do you know about Special Ed Olympics?What do you think about setting up some fun games in the park for the Special Ed kids in the area for this spring?
let me know!:)
I really appreciate how much you care about your kids!

ukgal36 said...

love the crazy lady with the red hair graphic!!!


magran42 said...

So good to hear a wife that acutally considers her husband's wishes BEFORE spending money.

gehi6 said...

Cute graphic at the end!  Enjoyed a visit to your blog.  Gerry

helmswondermom said...

I think it's great that you aren't telling Nikki about the friend that is giving her some of the money.  She'll work hard to get the rest, and then that will be a nice surprise.  I'm surprised that Ryan's teacher is insisting that he use tally marks when he can obviously do the math in his head.  Hope you get a chance to conference about that soon.