Tuesday, January 9, 2007

done for now

When I was reading everyone journals this morning I noticed a theme. We were all cleaning! I did no cleaning this weekend or yesterday. I did ask the children put away all of their stuff, but that request fell on deaf ears.

So I got up this morning and just started cleaning. O.K. it was not really cleaning. I just threw everything away. I figured it could not have been that important to them if they could not bother to put their stuff away.

Well our friends got stuck here another day. One of their sons fell and broke bone of the bones in his arm! So I am not sure when they are leaving. I will talk to them tonight and see if they need any help doing some stuff so they can get on the road.

Amber and her boyfriend are so crazy! Amber wanted these shoes, so she called around until she found a store that had them. Then she talked her boyfriend into taking her to get the shoes. They drove for two hours just for a pair of shoes! I think they are both crazy, and the shoes are so not that pretty. They look like something my grandmother wore back in the depression!

I found some old John Maxwell c.d's today. I need to listen to them again. He is such a good speaker and I really enjoy his self help stuff. When I listen to him, I find that there are so many areas of my life that I can improve on. Such as being nicer, how to make new friends, and how to handle negative people.

Tomorrow I am going to go do some work in the yard. I need to clean the fire pit, and sweep the walk. It is suppose to be nice tomorrow, so I am thinking the fresh air will do me some good. I also have a few errands to run. But today I am staying locked up in the house with the door closed. I just feel like being alone. I even turned the ringer off on the home phone! LOL I am such a house rat some days.

I am going to go cook dinner. Then all everyone has to do is heat it up when they are hungry. I have discovered that if I cook dinner during the day, it frees up my evenings and gives me more time to spend with the children.

Tonight menu:

fried cube steak, raw vegi's and some tater tots. Nothing fancy, but it works! LOL


lurkynat said...

Dear Kelli,
lol! I had to laugh about kids leaving stuff around! whew! how true!And yuor comment about how over importatn shoes are! lol!
I'm glad your friends are okay..yes we had anephew break his arm on the day when we needed to get back home adn we had to rush him to teh hospital..so I know the drill! Really awful for them..and secondarily for you! I'm os sorry that happened to the boy!

hsauls said...

ohhhh I love tater tots! they're evil!

bethjunebug said...

Oh you can come clean my house now!! I hate cleaning. It makes my fibromyalgia flair up. But I can only take the mess for so long. I really need to move out of this huge house into a smaller one. This one has too many rooms for my son and his friends to mess up. And what a mess they can make. If his rooms a mess, he will go into another bedroom with a tv and hook his game system up and they play in there, eating, and drinking sodas and throwing trash down, just makes a huge mess. Its no use to tell him to clean it up. I rather do it myself than send him into one of his bipolar mania episodes. But what is a mother to do?  I talked my sister into starting a journal too. http://journals.aol.com/xrottslady/katz-journal/
Have a good night.
God Bless,
Liz in Va.