Friday, September 29, 2006

good day of shopping

 Check it out! Elle and I went to my favorite thrift store and I got Nikki a pair of baby phat jeans for $2.00! It was half price day at the thrift store! I also got our friends daughter this really cute unicorn costume!     O.K. so you can only see the head on it, but it is so cute!

Elle and her brother went back to Alaska today. We always enjoy her coming out here. When Elle comes back in the spring she wants to drive up the coast of California. We want to see hurst castle, the Reagan Library, and I want to see a red wood tree. I think that would be so much fun.

Rusty is in Long Beach for the weekend, so it is just the children and I. Tonight I am going to cook some Mahi Mahi for dinner. Rusty is not a big fish eater so I figured now would be a good time to cook some.

I am going to try to get some sewing done this weekend. I really want to see how these pillows are going to turn out.

Tonight I am allowing Nikkis "boyfriend" to come over. I am not happy that she wants to "date" this kid, but I figured that I told her flat out no she would just do it anyway. I told Nikki that the only way she can see him is if comes over here. So I am not sure what time he will be here, but he will be here at some point tonight.

I hope everyone has a great Friday night!


ukgal36 said...

My daughter would kill for the Baby Phat jeans...LOl  well done you finding such a bargain..that's so awesome....

lifes2odd said...

Good luck tonight!
Hope you'll be joing the cook-fest tomorrow -- ::Ahem:: still waiting for recipes!!
Martha :-)

rtgilmore34 said...

Hearst Castle is the BOMB!!!  Butch and I went in 2003.  I would love to go back.

fisherkristina said...

Cool unicorn costume!


michelleartworx said...

Im not sure Rusty will fit in Unicorn outfit! Im sure he looks better as a french maid!!just kidding.
What is mahi mahi fish?

jeadie05 said...

The outfit looks great ,You must be pleased with the bargains from the thrift shop ,we call them charity shops here and I enjoy looking round them too ,.,.,Jan xx

seraphoflove9001 said...

Wow....thats a good deal with those jeans! The unicorn costume is too cute! :o) And wow..I've always wanted to see that castle.....I hope you get to go and see the trees! :o) Have a good one!

lv2trnscrb said...

fantastic bargains you got!! yum, I have never cooked Mahi Mahi, but love to eat it when we go out. Hope yours came out great. hoping the rest of your weekend goes well. I'm with you; let the boyfriend come over; that way you can keep an eye on them and occasionally do a hand check on them, LOL