Wednesday, September 13, 2006

we are a sick family

Well as you can guess from the picture. I started my cycle. Perfect ending to perfect day! LOL Actually my day has not been that bad.

I got the hard part of the quil finished today. So that is a good thing.

One of our friend brought up some stuff to store in our garage and one of the items that he stored was an abe lounge. So Amber and I got it out of the box and now I am using it! I have a six pack, the six pack is just hidden under the pony keg.

Rusty and I decided to give away some of his mothers formal dresses. So I advertised " free plus size dress to any military wife" then I went on to discribe the dress. This GUY answered the add and was asking a lot of questions about the dress and then asked what I wlooked like. So I discribed the dress and then told him that I was 5'4" abd 120 pounds! Guys can be such freaks.

This afternoon we had a lot of sales people calling. Amber just loves talking to these people. Here is how one conversation went


hold on...BILLY get in here if you drop that on your sister I am gunna whip you

o.k. what were you saying oh hold on BILLY bring me my belt what did I tell you. Dont you dare bite the dog.

Sales person hung up.

This is Ambers new favorite past time! LOL

Rusty read the comments that everyone left about my mom. He said that there was not much grey area there! It said it reminded him of that movie Good morning Vietnam!

For some reason my spell check is not working. So please excuse my spelling it sucks!



cgtperkins said...

I always wondered if the ab lounge worked....let me I love Ambers conversation with the sales people that too good!!!

lv2trnscrb said...

I heard someone else's spell check wasn't working either; blame it on AOL.

(I'm so happy we recently moved; we hardly get any sales calls and they are usually for the wrong number :)


nelishianatl said...

Your pic at the top is deleted by photobucket. awww  The pic at the bottom turned out very nice.  He definitely has been using his ab lounger. Looks like his pants might fall off, and there is a reason my journal is called WISHING AND HOPING. roflmao.  You had me cracking up at the conversation with the sales lady by Amber.  Wish I lived closer cause I could use those dresses.  But alas, I am not, neither am I a military person.  

zoepaul6968 said...

Ok yes you need a new bloomin machine before you hurt yourself,lol,what are you doing up so early in the morning? There should only be one 4 o clock in the day,lol, The tampax graphic had me in stitches,oh you poor thing I can sympathise and loved the mans tag,just how i like em,headless lmao,have a good weekend hun xxzoexx

seraphoflove9001 said...

LOL....I love the picture tampax! :o) You are such an upbeat person! :o) And the conversation that Amber had! That was good! And what a perve....the guy that called about the dress! Geesh! :o)

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Kelli :-) Love the graphics ~ both of them lol........good luck with the abs thingy ~ last time I used one of them I couldn't move for a week!!!! Probably overdone it after so long without any exercise lol. Love the way Amber dealt with the sales call, and as for the perv, hope he falls over in his high heels :-) Take care hon!
hugs Debbie ~xxxxxx~