Thursday, September 21, 2006

taking a break

Now that is my idea of a kitty!

O.K. I got the new filter put on the vacuum, got the living room and kitchen cleaned, so now I can take a break.

yesterday Lisa sent me an e mail and said that she wished she was as strong as me. Well here is how got to be strong, and I hope you never have to be like me.

I married a man who never took care me and beat the girls. I would work two job, and steal what ever I needed to fill in the gaps. I have also been homeless with the girls.

I have known Rusty for over 17 years, and one day I called him and I was in tears. I was broke and homeless again. Rusty took the girls and I in. He never asked any questions, because he knew my ex. He never asked me for money..... he never asked me for anything.

Now my life has turned around and I could not ask for a better man. Rusty was my life preserver when I was going under. I learned real quick to be tuff, bold and to do what ever I needed to do.

I do not let people walk all over me, and I am very guarded when it comes to letting people get close to me.

So now on to what is new here.

There is this one girl who has been "picking" on Nikki. I do not usually step in when the girls get into a fight, but I think I am going to have to step in soon.

This girl is the same girls that egged our house and cars, this is the same girl we saw smoking crack while on her way to school! The last thing I am going to let Nikki do is fight someone who is high on crack.

I feel like I should be doing something productive right now, but I just cannot figure out what that should be! LOL

I hope everyone has a great day.


jeadie05 said...

I do your attitude ,and the way you fought back , bless Rusty ,you deserve happiness now bless you ,.,.,.,Jan xx

nelishianatl said...

God Bless your Rusty!  I'm still learning that there are real angels here on the planet.  I think I've found one of them too.  Shh!

cgtperkins said...

I am so glad you are happy and your life is good. I think it is smart to keep Nikki away from the little crack head! As the others said......BLESS RUSTY.....and you as well. You took care of your girls no matter what you had to do.....thats what mothers do!!!

lifes2odd said...

I am so sorry to hear about the things you have been through. I'm glad to hear life is now treating you better -- sounds like it was long overdue!
Thanks for visiting my journal. Looking foward to getting to know you.

Martha :-)

lv2trnscrb said...

Rusty seems like an awesome man!! But you are an incredible woman too!


lindachapmanuk said...

aw you all had such a tough time, and rusty took you all in......what a lovely man and you 3 girls deserve him too!!! Linda xx