Monday, September 11, 2006

where was I?

Where was I on September 11, 2001?

Well my story actually starts a few days earlier. My mother and fater in law had just moved in with us. They were moving back to the United States, see they had lived in Middle East for 20 years.

Rusty had to the field and was going to be gone for a week.

It was just another day here. I was up trying to get the children ready for school. My father in law ( rick) was playing a computer game.

That was a good day for me because the children were actually ready early and I allowed them to watch t.v. before they went to school.

Then the phone rang. Rick looked at the caller i.d. and said that it was someone named McMahan. I knew something was wrong, because my mom never calls me early in the morning. So I told Rick to answer the phone.

When I got on the phone my mom asked me if I had the t.v. on. I told her yes that the children were watching cartoons. My mom told me to turn on the news because the world trade center had just been bombed. America was under attack.

Rick and I were fighting over the remote trying to get the other t.v. on. All I could do was stand there in shock. All Rick did was yell those damn rag heads.

Then it hit me. Was Rusty coming back from the field or was he going to be deployed right away? We did not know.

I had to get myself together because I had children to take to school. So off to school they went. Life must go on.

When I got back from dropping the children off the Pentigon had been bombed. I could not believe all of this was happening. We live in America. The great melting pot of the world. This is America.

A few hours later Amber calls me from school and she was crying. She said that the school kept showing the news. Rick went and got Amber from school.

Life marched on. I was not going to allow those ass holes to stop my life. Rusty did come home later that week, but was deployed two months later to Iraq.

If it was not for all of this I would have missed the oppertunity to help a friend out. If it was not for all ofthis I would never would have started volunteering to help other military families in need. I also would have missed the oppertunity to get to know my in laws before they died.

I will say this. People in America say if this happens again.... They are wrong. It is not if it is when. When people say "God bless America" They need to remember that God HAS blessed America.

I do not need to see pictures of the twin towers to remind me of what happend. I just need to look around an empty house. All of our friends are in Iraq right now. I KNOW why they are there.


jeadie05 said...

What a powerful entry,this has been emotional reading all the entrys ,but it is clear ,our hearts were broken that day ,never our spirits ,.,.,.,Jan xx

seraphoflove9001 said...

You are so right! God HAS blessed America!

lv2trnscrb said...

you are so right; the Lord has blessed America; but America has to get back on their knees and pray to the Lord and stop some of the things they are doing against his word or he could choose to stop blessing us.

I'm thankful for husbands like yours and friends like yours who go out and fight to protect the freedom of our country or other countries. Thank them for me and thank you for your part in helping those serving our country


nelishianatl said...

I do believe AMERICA needs to humble herself and become a more GOD centered land for we often take our freedom and our many blessings as a right and  not a priviledge.  Still impacted by how quickly people say OH GOD after a disaster and do not even once say thank you when nothing is going on.  We are very blessed and it was God who did it.  I just think we need to acknowledge Him for it without apologizing about it to everyone to keep from stepping on toes.

michelleartworx said...

I was at home, it was early afternoon, and I stood in shock and horror, not wanting to look anymore but unable to understand what I was seeing.
For everyone affected Im truly sorry for your losses.
I still dont understand why this has to happen, and I am one of the grateful that my life is not touched by this terrible act. Saying that, the images will never,ever leave my head or my thoughts, and I still have all the newspapers(I dont know why) of all that were affected.
I dont like the way bush is retalliating, other innocents are mixed in the rush to get rid of those blacklisted. what are the alternatives? I wish I knew.
I read the british newspapers and am amazed at the plots they have stopped. A tube bomb planned to explode under the thames to flood the tube network, and around three other plots uncovered. Not only that, but eveidence they have uncovered and are unable to do nothing about. Especially the two brothers. Sooo suspicious but unable to do anything and not only that, having to apologise and keep them and their family in luxury afterwards, costing thousands of pounds.
Come to Britain, live by our standards, stay in your country to live by yours. I am sooo angry at Britain right now. I AM NOT RACIST, I am fed up with working so hard and watching others receive all handouts, these people are far wealthier than I,and slate our country. I wish we had more standards simalar to australia. Got a job, got a trade, live by our rules, come in.

cgtperkins said...

Its amazing how blessed America is!! (Even after everything we take God out of)
Please be sure and thank your husband and all the other military personnel, they are greatly appreciated!!

lindachapmanuk said...

wow, that was a good entry, Linda xx