Thursday, September 28, 2006

my legs are gross

 So, before I got sick I noticed these spots on my legs. So I decided not to shave, and I was hoping that the spots might have been from shaving. Then I got sick, and did not think about shaving. I looked at my legs yesterday and the hair on them is so long! And I still have these spots.

This really bumms me out because I do not wear shorts or short skirts because I have those huge veins on the back of my knee. The look so bad, and now I have spots on the rest of my legs. That makes me mad.

Well Amber failed her driving test yesterday. Rusty was trying to help her study and she just blew him off. I guess that's what you get when your 16 and you know everything?

So I posted two pictures of the quilt. What do you guys think? I really need to get a digital camera instead of using my phone all the time! Maybe Santa will bring me one.

The ab lounge is working! I am up to 70 crunches a day. Last night I was able to zip up a skirt without any problem. I did not have suck anything in! I still not have a six pack, but the keg is getting smaller. I just really like the way I feel after I work out.

Martha is looking for some quick easy meal ideas so here is one for you. I make Swiss steak in the crock pot. All you have to do is put in some thin cut bottom round steak, a jar of spaghetti sauce and cook it on low all day. Then I make up some mashed potatoes and serve the meat and sauce over the potatoes. Just a side note. If you forget to pull the meat out the freezer all you have to do is break the chunk up until it fits in the crock pot and it will still be done on time. Yes, I do cook meat for my family.

This morning Rusty was sitting outside smoking a cigarette and drink an energy when I...... Well I stuck my hand up his shorts. He said just what are you doing? I said well I just wanted to make sure everything was still there since I have not seen it in a while. I got the dirtiest look from him! LOL

I hope everyone has a great day




seraphoflove9001 said...

aaawww bless her heart. It doesn't seem to get any better when they older either. My son is 24 and daughter 21 and let me tell you....did you have any idea that they know so much more then we do? Even though they aren't as old as us, nor went through what we have!

cgtperkins said...

WOW, the quilt is beautiful!!! There is no way I could do something likd that. Thanks for posting pictures!! Have a good afternoon.

nelishianatl said...

They will always think they know more than us.  My grown son when he disagrees with me says Well, I don't know about that, or I'll explain it to you the correct way when I have more time.  If he only knew half the things I've already forgotten.  I couldn't see the pictures of the quilts and I really wanted to.  That visual of you putting your hands in DH's pants cracked me up.  Told him.  And I thought that men were the ones begging for some.  Live and learn.

nelishianatl said...

The picture of the quilt was showing by the time I finished writing my last short story, er, I mean comment to you. lol You did a wonderful job.  This is from a generational Appalachian family of quilters.  I'm proud of you.

lv2trnscrb said...

poor Amber! I'm sure Matt's going to fail his test next week when we go to get his license down here (we are sooo late in getting them). He keeps saying "I'll look at the book" but it sits on the coffee table.

I wonder if the spots on your legs are an allergic reaction to something?

the quilt looks beautiful! great job!


zoepaul6968 said...

spots,failed driving tests and heads up pants...sounds like a normal day in my house lol,youre mad you are,I wouldnt stick my head up Pauls pants,Id get cobwebs in my hair lol,have a great weekend xxzoexx

lifes2odd said...

Guess I spoke too soon about the recipes! I always screw up when catching up on journals and start from the most recent -- oh well! What I'd really like to see you add over at my journal is non-meat recipes when you have a chance. The idea in this entry couldn't get any easier though -- Thanks!! Martha :-)

beckerb6 said...

Today was my first day to read your journal. I will be coming back, I got the link from Martha's journal. I loved the quilt very pretty Maybe I will use that pattern once I get my crazy quilt finished if I ever do.
Hope you have a great week end.

helmswondermom said...

So?  Did he take the hint?