Wednesday, September 27, 2006

something to think about

So I was just looking at this thing on aol and it was the cars of the richest people. Can you believe that Warren Buffett drives a town car?

My always said that the rich people are the ones who have more money then what they show.

Anyway, my journal was not working yesterday, but now it is!

Rusty took Amber to get her driving permit today, so that should be an adventure. I guess that means that we have to let her start driving? ohhh that is a scary thought.

Elle came in yesterday and it was so nice to see her. I just love seeing old friends. We have nothing exciting planned for this visit, but hanging out is just fine with me.

OH! I got picked as a journal of the week. I think that is what it is anyway. I am so jazzed that people actually like my journal. I just write about my crazy life and hope that someone else can relate.

I did finish the quilt that I was working on. I do not like it. It was the first quilt I ever did using all diamonds, so maybe it is o.k. I will have to take some pictures for you guys.

I am going to go try to work on one of those tie pillows!

have a great day....OH and happy hump day.


michelleartworx said...

Reading your blog now!
I do need money so have to work, but amazingly most of the art stuff I do for me. You see my studio is my space, my haven, my hideaway.
I love my kids and love my husband too, I should be more like you as you obviously adore yours out loud, you seem like a great family and only need be proud at that achievement!xxx
Love the fact you are creative too, sewing is not my forte and I'm sooooo jealous!

cgtperkins said...

Oh please post pictures of the quilt. I absolutely love quilts, but have no talent to make one. The tie pillow sounds cooll. Have a good visit with your friend!!

nelishianatl said...

I love your journal very much and love reading about you and your family.  I'm hooked now.  I wanna see pictures of the quilts and am going to start doing projects like that for Christmas this year.  Thank you for the nice little picture at the bottom of the page saying HAPPY HUMP DAY!  My only wish was that it was bigger.  lol  More stuff like that. haha

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Kelli :-) Love the pic at the bottom lol.....plenty of them would be nice :-) And I'd love to see a pic of your quilt too, I'm so NOT creative, haven't the patience, but like to see other people's works of art! Well done on being a guest editor's pick ~ I saw you over at Nelishia's ~ congratulations!!!! Have a great time with your mate!
Hugs Debbie ~xxxxxx~

lv2trnscrb said...

I'd love to see one of your tie pillows sometimes! Congrats on being a guest editor's pick! I have enjoyed reading your journal the month or so that I've been reading it. You certainly have a great talent with words and writing your thoughts.

you know, once they get their driver's license and you feel comfortable letting them drive, it is soooo freeing because you can send them on errands, you don't have to run them here or there, etc.