Friday, September 15, 2006


A few years back we had issues with Amber and her sneaking around, and doing things that she should not do. I am so glad that we made it through that stage.

Now it is Nikkis turn. She is 14 going on 21. Nikki wanted to go to this football game tonight, but I told her no because she wants to meet this boy there and I don't think she should be going to the game anyway. Then nikki says that she is going to go to a friends house instead. So I said o.k. have her mother call me. This mom calls me and I discover that they are going to the same football game that I told Nikki she could not go to. She was so busted! LOL

So now she is in her room playing her music as loud as it will go. That's cool because our room is at the other end of the house.

I went to wal mart and got some new blades for my cutter. So maybe tomorrow I can work on the quilt top some more. This is by far the most detailed quilt that I have done.

Check this out. If you go on e bay and search the category others you can find coffins, urns, and other stuff. This morning I found someone selling just some handle to a casket. Now think about that. Handles? well whose casket did they come from?

O.K. I need to get a life and stop searching e bay for odd things! LOL I am off to take a nice warm bath. OH can you believe that it has been cold here. We are finally down in the 70's!


stronghands63 said...

Girl, I am with ya about the teenagers!!!!  Mine are now 17 (girl), 19 (girl) and 21 (thinks he's a man, but still a boy!)  I am having the most trouble out of the 19 year old.  She just got tatoo #2.  My husband told her if she ever comes home with another tatoo he is gonna beat the crap out of her! (he hasn't spanked any of our kids since they were 8!) She buys them with her own money and doesn't need our permission, so if she wants it she gets it! Jeez!  Mr. 21 is starting to get a clue now that he has to pay his own cell phone bill and insurance.  He is still in college, so after the bills he doesn't have much "party" money!  Oh well! Thanks for visiting my journal.  I'm looking forward to getting to know you more.  .:Barbara:.

cgtperkins said...

Oh me....I hope my chap is not as bad as I was. She is 12 going on 22!!! They say you get back doiuble........I hope not is all I can say. I love ebay and I have seen that stuff.......OMG!!!! Ok I've had enough wine, I am having trouble typing so better go for now!! CIAO-Carrie

helmswondermom said...

I hope this phase passes quickly!  Love the "tact" sign!

seraphoflove9001 said...

I wish you the best.....I've been through this already, and I never thought I'd ever survive it!

lv2trnscrb said...

don't you love these teen years?? I pray soo much for my teen and I also pray that the Lord will open my eyes to what my teen is trying to pull behind my back and thankfully 100% of the time I always find out. I told my teen that too; so it would be pointless to try to pull something over the Lord. He still tries, though.

they do grow up and we do get gray hair as a part of these teen years


lindachapmanuk said...

love that act now sign!! so true, been there, done that! such a shame its over....NOT! actually it is...I miss em now! Linda xx

demandnlilchit said...

Teenagers! About as much fun as a root canal sometimes. Sometimes remembering my wilder youngers days is a good thing for my kids and then a bad thing.......the thing is I was much more trouble then they have been so I consider myself lucky.... As far as busting them before they do something they shouldn't be doing.......they think I'm psychic! Mine are 23 & 20 (Both out of the house) and then I also have 2 at home still ...15 and 14.