Sunday, September 24, 2006

a little break

I got together with some ladies today and we had a spa cafe. It was nice and different. Now I am back in the real world.

O.K. I got the quilt top done and all of the pieces pinned together so now I just have to sew it.

I am trying to use up some of my material since I seem to have a lot of it. Anyway I found some stuff to make two baby blankets, so I will get them done. I think I am going to give them away.

That is about all I have done today. Can you believe that I have done nothing productive.

Oh. This guy I use to work with called me and asked me if I would be interested in coming to work for him. This guy use to work for my boss, but now he wants to go out on his own and he wants me to run his office staff. I told him to give me a call and that we would talk more. He did offer me $15 an hour.

When I told Rusty about this, he was not to happy. He said well then who is going to be here with Ryan all day? HMMMM oh that's right. That person would be you.  I kinda want this job so that I can just get out of the house.

I need to get moving and start getting some stuff done around here. I think I am going to take Martha up on her challenge to de clutter for 15 a day. Lets start with my husbands stuff! LOL



cgtperkins said...

Maybe you could arrange to do some of your work from home....just a thought. Spa Cafe sounds really really nice!!!! Have a great evening.

lv2trnscrb said...

bet your husband wouldn't know if you decluttered some of his stuff. I got rid of some of his things before he moved; he's not missed them yet. I hope you get a chance to work so you can get out of the house for a bit


rtgilmore34 said...

Oh shit, don't even get me started.  Does he want you to resent this kid?  It's like he's a ball and chain on you.  Doesn't Ryan go to school?  He should go to A+, that program that keeps the kids after school until 6pm on days that parents work.  It is filled with activities and supervision at the school.  Your girls are teenagers, you are now free to come and go as you please.

Love ya,

lindachapmanuk said...

love the sound of the spa cafe... cute pic too lol.....good idea about Marthas 15 mins and I would definitely start with your husbands stuff! he he! Linda xx

lifes2odd said...

I'm on another whole day decluttering session today since I took the day off from work -- thanks for the suggestion for my son's sinus problems in the comment you left, I'll try it!!

A spa day sounds much better than decluttering anyday! Hope it was great!

Now come on and get to your decluttering!

Martha :-)

goodwilltramp said...

I think a job would be perfect for you.  You've spent more than enough time at home the past few years...   go get em' tiger