Tuesday, October 24, 2006

big day

Well we go in tomorrow. I do hope that everything goes well.

I have made all of the arrangements. A girlfriend is going to feed the children dinner and take Amber to work. Nikki is going to miss dance so she can be here when Ryan gets home. Ryan and Nikki have a ride to youth group.

Whenever something happens I have to count on my friends. Both of Rusty's parents are dead. In the past my parents have turned me down when I needed help, so I do not even ask anymore. Rusty and I are on our own.

Nikki's boyfriend asked Rusty if he could take Nikki to the homecoming dance. Rusty said yes. I was actually shocked. I just hope that Nikki has a dress to wear. I don't think I am going to have time to go buy her one, and the dance is on Saturday!

I am off to bed. We have an early morning.


nelishianatl said...

Now that it a graphic I can relate to.  Been hit with the chronic fatigue as of last Saturday and trying to shake it still.  You sound like you have everything under control but a Mom will always worry.  I know that you will.  Rusty could take her to buy her dress?  That'd be an awesome memory for her.
Take care of yourself,

cgtperkins said...

That was nice of him to ask Rusty if he could take Nikki to the dance. Hope everything goes well. Thank God for friends!!!!

rtgilmore34 said...

Did I miss something???  You go in "where" tomorrow???
Love ya,

gehi6 said...

I had no one but my sister to take my kids if anything happened, and I needed to leave them somewhere, but thank God for her.  A person needs somebody.  I wouldn't have dared leave them with my mom, anyway.  She was unreliable.  Gerry