Saturday, October 7, 2006

laughing about sex.

I got woke up early by our friend trying to cook breakfast.

It is so cold here! It is down to 50.

So I remembered that friction causes heat.

I asked Rusty if he wanted to go have sex.

Here are a few things that your mate does not want to hear during sex.

1. your children banging on the door

2. honey don't move the cats, they can watch us

3. put the blankets back on I am so cold

4. how cold does it have to get before your testicles crawl up inside of you.

This is just so no one says these things during sex.



seraphoflove9001 said... true!!! :o)

lifes2odd said...


rtgilmore34 said...

My morning guests better tip-toe their asses around the house while I'm sleeping in on the weekends!  I can't have sex while there are guests in the house.  Butch knows NOT to invite any of his relatives over anymore while he's in from out on the road because I will sleep in the kids' room!!!   LOL!!!  Hey thanks for the cool Saudi stuff.  I dig it.  Can't wait to hang with you guys at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Gotta go cram for a Micro exam.
Love ya!!!

michelleartworx said...

Laughing a lot! Sex is good but soooo undignified. My pet hate is the pass the towel hunny so I can wipe down. Always hurried.
The worst is if youve ever done IT, then gone out straight away to shop to buy breakfast stuff, are paying at counter and then eeeewww, whats that running down your leg....