Wednesday, October 11, 2006

still chillin

Well today was a little better for me. I did get up and get some stuff done.

I do not know why, but I have just been so lazy, oh well.

We are suppose to lay the tile for the bathroom tomorrow and I am hoping that everything goes as planned. I would really like to get the bathroom done!

I also have a guy coming over to look at our tub. I am hoping that he buys it! That will be an extra $250 from stuff that I did not pay for! I do often check out craigslist and I sometimes just stumble upon good deals.

 Well here is a link to explain Thanksgiving. . Here is how I do Thanksgiving. I usually take fresh bread and make it stale so that I can stuff it in a dead turkey. The turkey takes forever to cook, so you have to start it early. I will cook stuff like corn, rolls, and pies. Please notice that I said "I WILL COOK" The guys are usually drinking beer and watching football. Then I have to clean up. We usually serve about 50 people for a normal meal.

This year I just do not want to do it. But I am going to do it. We should have about 14 people total. I am going to order our dinner from the store. They will cook everything so all I have to do is heat it up.

I will write more later.

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mommylildevils said...

It's good that you get to make a lil extra money selling things that you no longer want or need....Like you said you didnt have to pay for the thing in the first place.thats so cool lol...

As for your mom if it turns out she really needs the money  and she asks you for it and you can SPARE some money then it would be a good thing to do... I read your older entries and it seems that your mom didnt come straight out and ask you for it ..So maybe at this time she doesnt really need it....

It's good that you decided to put your son back in school....Sometimes children need to be around other children their age otherwise when they are around they dont really know what to do (I am having this issue with my son now) I hope he likes the change.

I see you are still working on your bathroom Lol when its over I would liek to see the finished product I bet its going to look really nice!
Wow usaul for you is 50 guests..To me that is a massive party LOL most I have at my house for Thanksgiving is about 10-15 guest....

I'm glad one of us getting some action in the bedroom lol..I wont even go into how long it's been over here! HEHEHE

Well take care and stop by my journal when you can.