Friday, October 6, 2006


I have done nothing today!

I did get some material out to sew up some quilts, but that is as far as I got on that.

Then I took Rusty's stuff to the dry cleaners. After that I stopped by my friends house. She was also doing nothing. So we each sat on a different sofa's and did nothing! LOL Then I told her that I was hungry so she slid some Chinese food across the floor to me! We are so lazy.

About an hour ago I had to do something so that the day was not a complete waste, so I loaded the dish washer and mopped the floor.

I was just talking to Rusty about what we want to buy for the children for Christmas. I have been thinking about buying Ryan that Leapster video game. However I am not sure if he will use it. Ryan "thing" is helicopter and since the leapster does not have that I am wondering if he will use it.

I guess I should explain that ALL he plays with are his helicopter. He has an ass load of toys and does not play with them. So Rusty and are not going to buy him any more helicopter and kinda force him to play with other things. Is that the right answer?

I think I am going to go take a bath and finish doing nothing.


brwneyedlady0316 said...

I think that is a good idea!  When my son got with his now wife she already had a little boy and all he wanted to play with were kitchen spoons.  My son had a fit and would take them from him, to get him to play with toys, which he had an assload.  Now he plays with anything!!! So hey it just might work!

seraphoflove9001 said...

Cool...what a nice day you had! :o)

jeadie05 said...

Its good sometimes to have days like that ,.,.,Jan xx

lifes2odd said...

Sounds like a great day other than the part about loading the dishwasher and mopping the floor. I'm going to challenge myself to take a whole weekend to do nothing at all one of these days! You'll join in on that challenge right? LOL!
Hope you have a great weekend! Martha :-)

gehi6 said...

I got a smile out of both of these entries, first and second.  You do have a sense of humor that appeals to me.  Gerry

cgtperkins said...

AHHHH Christmas is gonna be here before we know it!!!